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On Wednesday April 26, 2017 here at Bloomsburg University, the Global Business Institution/Global Business Association hosted a Vietnamese Dinner for the very first time. The event was held in the ballroom in the Kehr Union building. This event was free to the public if there was enough seats but the event was mostly targeted towards College of business students. Students who participated in this event could earn a ZIPD point towards their point goal for the semester. This dinner was held to help students and faulty learn more about different cultures, the Vietnamese culture was the topic of discussion today. (

The event, being the first time it was ever hosted, started a about a half an hour late. The event kicked off with a popular Vietnamese song. The song is called, “Hello Vietnam”. This song is about a woman longing to know more about her Vietnamese culture. Next the event had a few speaker. The first speaker, spoke a lot on his personal experience with many different international opportunities and how his experience with different cultures, benefitted him in his many job experiences.

I had the opportunity of meeting someone at this event, her name is Angel Hardy. She answered a few questions that I had. This was her response to my questions; “My name is Angel Hardy, I am a first semester senior. My major is business management. I am here for a ZIPD point. What I hope to gain from this experience is to further my knowledge about the Vietnamese culture and I also am looking forward to the food that the culture has to offer. Oh and of course to have a good time.”

I also spoke briefly with Dr. Lam D. Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen is an Associate Professor of Management & International Business, Director, Global Business Institute. Myself being a Mass Communication Major, I spoke with him about maybe expanding the Global Business Association to students who are mass communication majors, maybe we can all work together.

The dinner was very informative. Dr. Nguyen went through a different set of slides during a power-point that people would need to know if they were ever to do business with people of the Vietnamese culture. For instance, the Vietnamese are a very collectivistic culture meaning they care for the greater good of everyone not just individuals. If someone were to do business with the Vietnamese, they would expect to have meetings with the leader and all of the people that follow behind that person. Another take away from the Do’s and the Don’ts, if you were to ever have dinner in Vietnam, always make sure to pass items at the table with both hands. Do not point to anyone with your fingers, use your entire hand. Never stand with your hands on your hips because they is showing a sign of aggression. Do not cross your arms on your chest. Never touch anyone above the shoulders and dress conservatively.

Something I thoroughly enjoyed was the food. There was a variety of different Vietnamese foods. I liked the Pho, it was my first time trying it. There was also a Vietnamese Hoagie. There was a variety of vegetables and sauces as well. I did not try the desert because I am not a huge fan of sweets but there was a crepe with coconut/pineapple filling underneath it. There was also an area for a fruit mixture.

Overall the dinner was a success. I believe that it will be something that the organization will do every year but each time with different cultures. I would like to see the organization expanded to people in different fields.

spring roll .png
Vietnamese Spring Roll
manners .png
Do’s & Don’ts




Pho & Hoagie




Unit 11: Protecting your Privacy

One of the biggest things one can do to protect their privacy is to educate themselves on the risks of posting private things. Criminals can be found everywhere, which means they are definitely surfing the web. Protect yourself from cyber-crimes. Be careful when you post private information on certain websites such as online shopping. Criminals can hack this information. If your information is hacked, someone could steal your identity. It is hard to know if you are giving your personal information to a website that is not secure so just try to be careful at all times, try to avoid giving out information such as your social security number and your driver’s license number and your credit card information.

If someone likes to use social media, be careful that you are not posting things that you would not like to pop back up later in your life. For instance, we are all students. When we graduate we would like to get jobs, some of us are looking for internships. If you are online posting yourself drinking or posting how you skipped class, you could potentially be hurting yourself.

When you do use the internet to online shop or to google search different things then you will use cookies. These cookies can stay with you on your hard drive and they’ll always have access to your information. If you can clear your searches and clear your cookies then you might be able to avoid being hacked. A lot of times you can not get rid of different things trying to hack your information so just try to be cautious about what you search and where you shop.

Trying to protect your privacy can almost seem impossible but the more you are educated about what is out in the world, trying to hack you, the more you will be able to protect yourself from those things.


Exercise #7

Russia creates a Robot that is ready for Battle

Russian scientists created a robot who is ready to “shoot Glocks”. The robot’s name is FEDOR. FEDOR stands for, Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research. Fedor will be ready for action by 2021.

Russia showed off their new robot via social media, in a video. Russia’s Deputy Prime minister is the one who helped to show off the robot. Scientists want to test F.E.D.O.R’s motor skills by allowing him to practice shooting glocks.

Scientists are also working towards allowing the robot to make decisions. It is hoped that one day Fedor, will be skilled in many different areas. The ‘bot could potentially be dangerous because it is not created to see during the daytime.

Other videos have been seen of the robot last year in Russia. These videos included images of the robot getting into driver’s seats of cars. The robot can be seen chucking wood. The robot can also be seen low crawling just as human soldiers do. Scientists are


working to perfect the skillsets of Fedor.



Unit 10

Now that we are at the end of the semester of course my opinion on the course has changed and my opinion on blogging has blossomed into something beautiful. When I first started this blog I’ll admit that I didn’t really like it too much only because it was super new for me. I was still excited to be writing more. I can see that my writing skills have grown, which I love. I love to blog now. I actually am looking to expand my blog and maybe start a professional blog after I graduate this class or maybe I graduate from Bloom.

My opinion on the class has changed as well. This semester having this class and doing the work was something I looked forward to doing each new week. It was exciting to see what new topics I would be learning for that week. I liked how organized the course was too. Knowing what was expected of me made it less overwhelming. Doing each assignment one at a time and watching the check-mark appear once it was finished was something that helped take the edge off as well. I would recommend this class to other mass communications majors if they would like to take it for fun. Usually online classes are a bit more overwhelming with the work load but this class was well organized and that was something that helped me a lot.

One topic that I liked learning about was Advertisements and how the advertisers work hard to catch your attention. A topic that I did not like too much was of course the sports topic. That is because I am not really interested in sports so this was a little bit more boring for me. I do appreciate how everything that was taught had enough information to really teach me new stuff every time.


Digital News Analysis

I have read two different articles from two different sources. Both of these articles did not cover the same topics. The first article that I have read, covers issues about the first African American woman to serve as a judge in New York City. The article covers issues about her death that recently occurred this past Wednesday on April, 12, 2017. The second article covers issues about Donald Trump and how when he first began running for office, he had a bunch of different issues that he felt America needed to address. The article covers the changes and what has yet to come.

What I liked about the first article was how the writers addressed Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s title in a professional way. The writers did not use what the media typically goes to, by maybe bringing up troubling issue(s) from her past. The writers addressed her very humbly. I also like how the writers spoke about her accomplishments and how everyone who had ever came into contact with her had a very pleasant experience. Her death came as a shock to most people because they never took her as someone who would take their own life. The issue is very puzzling and the forensics team is working to figure out the cause of Abdus-Salaam’s death.

What I liked about the second article was the headline sentence. It was intriguing for me because it was a subtle way of getting a big message across. The headline read, “Trump sheds nationalist coat, Bannon wing chastened.” The article proceeds to speak on the different issues that Trump is sifting through. Things that got Trump to his victory while running for president of the United States, he is working towards achieving these things one by one. Some issues he has changed his opinion on, such as saying that, “China is our #1 currency manipulator.” It was also said that Trump’s strategists Steven Bannon is losing his authority and soon Trump will be fully making decisions without him.

The articles take advantage of digital storytelling by using different pictures and quotes from interviews. What I don’t like is that the first article did not have a whole lot of information and the second article had a lot of unnecessary information. What I can learn from these examples is how to better myself as a writer/storyteller. I would like to emulate the use of better diction in my writing, that is always something I strive towards.



Data Crawling

Based on the datasheet information, this data shows that the news surrounding the Sweden issue has spread quickly. Using social media outlets such as twitter, the news about Sweden has been able to touch the hearts of many different people from all over the world.

The Sweden issue has been delivered throughout the world via, retweets, hashtags, video clips from different news sources, and pictures. What happened in Sweden was that, a young girl was smashed by a truck. It is said that the man who hit her, did so out of a terrorists attack.

Many people are saying that Sweden is not what it used to be. That Syria’s children matter because everyone is willing to feel sorry for those children, but less people are caring to protect the children of Sweden.

Personally, I feel like this is an issue because no ones life deserves to be taken by someone else. I also feel as though the United States has issues of its own. The whole world needs to get it together because it doesn’t look good anywhere.



Google Maps

I have created a google map project by taking the information that I have learned during class. This map that I created is about the different crimes that are located in random areas of the world. All of this information is entirely made up.

For the year 2016, we have studied the many different times that have taken place all around the world. We labeled this information with different weather icons to better help understand what month the crime(s) took place in.

This information was entirely random. We took the information from a small variety of streets and what actual crimes took place on these streets. When you click on the icon, you can see in further details more information. Here is some of the information that we studied.







Wing Madness

BU now hosted their 1st Wing Madness Event

Wing Madness was hosted for the first time ever on Friday, March 24, 2017. Last year the BU now hosted a similar event but instead of wings, it was pizza. The Public Relations section of the club, hosted the Wing Madness event. First the team explored the different options the Bloomsburg area had to offer as far as purchasing the wings. This was for the bracket. Students were encouraged to vote on which place they thought would win the contest and this gave them the chance to win a one-hundred-dollar gift card. Some of these places were kind enough to donate the wings while others were not as friendly and the club had to purchase those wings.

Image-1 (1)
The Judges


Volunteers were used as the judges. Initially, there were allotted 7 spaces for judges but the final event, only had 5 judges. There were several sets of rounds. During these rounds, the judges were to eat one of each wing that was partnered against each other in the bracket. The judges had no clue from which place the wings came from. After rounds and rounds of comparing wings, the judges finally came to the last round. The final results were that Quaker-Steak & Lube won the contest. This came as a surprise because most of the popular wing places in Bloomsburg were losing against some of the basic pizza shop wings.

Miranda Crouse, BU now’s Public Relations Director, shared her thoughts on how the event went for her.

Here is what she had to say, “It was fun, stressful, and an amazing learning experience. I really enjoyed doing wing madness especially looking back on it now. I had to communicate with many different people to get this event going. Darian, Sammie, and I had to call many different wing places sometimes calling the same place multiple times. All of our stress levels were so high trying to figure out what to do! We were a week away from wing madness and a ton of people had already filled out the bracket, what if enough people don’t fill out the brackets? So our plan was to change the date, giving us 3 more weeks to get 4 more places and make this event even better than before! With planning, we had a few hiccups. 2 places said no so we had to be creative. That’s when we decided to do Giant wings and TGIF boxed wings. It worked out though! The day of wing madness was so stressful! There is only 3 of us and there was so much to do in such a short amount of time. Once we started things we’re going great! People were having fun, the wings were great and this event that the 3 of us planned was a success. The best part about wing madness was that together Darian, Sammie, and I planned this event and it went so well, it was such a great feeling!”  

Image-1 (2)
One VS. The Other


A donation platter from Frank’s




Philadelphia Crimes

This is a map created by myself. This maps is based on the Philadelphia area. The information on this map is from 2016.

The crime types vary from drugs, to driving under the influence. I have changed my map so that the style shows different crimes and also the different times in which the crimes occurred. Some people styled their map so that the crimes showed the crime names or the person who committed the crime(s).



Final Infographic

I conducted a small study interviewing some of my friends for this information and also including information from myself. I also researched this information from many helpful websites. My study is on how college students experience depression.

“Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. College depression isn’t a clinical diagnosis. Instead, college depression is depression that begins during college.” (

If not every, I can say that many college students have experienced depression at least once. Depression in college students is something that is often overlooked. Many people believe that college students just like to party. However, partying can be another way someone is dealing with their depression, by drinking or doing drugs.

Many college students experience depression because college can become very overwhelming. A lot of us including myself, are often sleep deprived. We lack poor diets and we sure as hell do not exercise enough. With all of these factors combined, it’s no wonder why we are depressed.

final infographic