Feature Story

On Wednesday April 26, 2017 here at Bloomsburg University, the Global Business Institution/Global Business Association hosted a Vietnamese Dinner for the very first time. The event was held in the ballroom in the Kehr Union building. This event was free to the public if there was enough seats but the event was mostly targeted towards College of business students. Students who participated in this event could earn a ZIPD point towards their point goal for the semester. This dinner was held to help students and faulty learn more about different cultures, the Vietnamese culture was the topic of discussion today. (Bloomu.edu)

The event, being the first time it was ever hosted, started a about a half an hour late. The event kicked off with a popular Vietnamese song. The song is called, “Hello Vietnam”. This song is about a woman longing to know more about her Vietnamese culture. Next the event had a few speaker. The first speaker, spoke a lot on his personal experience with many different international opportunities and how his experience with different cultures, benefitted him in his many job experiences.

I had the opportunity of meeting someone at this event, her name is Angel Hardy. She answered a few questions that I had. This was her response to my questions; “My name is Angel Hardy, I am a first semester senior. My major is business management. I am here for a ZIPD point. What I hope to gain from this experience is to further my knowledge about the Vietnamese culture and I also am looking forward to the food that the culture has to offer. Oh and of course to have a good time.”

I also spoke briefly with Dr. Lam D. Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen is an Associate Professor of Management & International Business, Director, Global Business Institute. Myself being a Mass Communication Major, I spoke with him about maybe expanding the Global Business Association to students who are mass communication majors, maybe we can all work together.

The dinner was very informative. Dr. Nguyen went through a different set of slides during a power-point that people would need to know if they were ever to do business with people of the Vietnamese culture. For instance, the Vietnamese are a very collectivistic culture meaning they care for the greater good of everyone not just individuals. If someone were to do business with the Vietnamese, they would expect to have meetings with the leader and all of the people that follow behind that person. Another take away from the Do’s and the Don’ts, if you were to ever have dinner in Vietnam, always make sure to pass items at the table with both hands. Do not point to anyone with your fingers, use your entire hand. Never stand with your hands on your hips because they is showing a sign of aggression. Do not cross your arms on your chest. Never touch anyone above the shoulders and dress conservatively.

Something I thoroughly enjoyed was the food. There was a variety of different Vietnamese foods. I liked the Pho, it was my first time trying it. There was also a Vietnamese Hoagie. There was a variety of vegetables and sauces as well. I did not try the desert because I am not a huge fan of sweets but there was a crepe with coconut/pineapple filling underneath it. There was also an area for a fruit mixture.

Overall the dinner was a success. I believe that it will be something that the organization will do every year but each time with different cultures. I would like to see the organization expanded to people in different fields.

spring roll .png
Vietnamese Spring Roll
manners .png
Do’s & Don’ts




Pho & Hoagie




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