Unit 11: Protecting your Privacy

One of the biggest things one can do to protect their privacy is to educate themselves on the risks of posting private things. Criminals can be found everywhere, which means they are definitely surfing the web. Protect yourself from cyber-crimes. Be careful when you post private information on certain websites such as online shopping. Criminals can hack this information. If your information is hacked, someone could steal your identity. It is hard to know if you are giving your personal information to a website that is not secure so just try to be careful at all times, try to avoid giving out information such as your social security number and your driver’s license number and your credit card information.

If someone likes to use social media, be careful that you are not posting things that you would not like to pop back up later in your life. For instance, we are all students. When we graduate we would like to get jobs, some of us are looking for internships. If you are online posting yourself drinking or posting how you skipped class, you could potentially be hurting yourself.

When you do use the internet to online shop or to google search different things then you will use cookies. These cookies can stay with you on your hard drive and they’ll always have access to your information. If you can clear your searches and clear your cookies then you might be able to avoid being hacked. A lot of times you can not get rid of different things trying to hack your information so just try to be cautious about what you search and where you shop.

Trying to protect your privacy can almost seem impossible but the more you are educated about what is out in the world, trying to hack you, the more you will be able to protect yourself from those things.


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