Exercise #7

Russia creates a Robot that is ready for Battle

Russian scientists created a robot who is ready to “shoot Glocks”. The robot’s name is FEDOR. FEDOR stands for, Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research. Fedor will be ready for action by 2021.

Russia showed off their new robot via social media, in a video. Russia’s Deputy Prime minister is the one who helped to show off the robot. Scientists want to test F.E.D.O.R’s motor skills by allowing him to practice shooting glocks.

Scientists are also working towards allowing the robot to make decisions. It is hoped that one day Fedor, will be skilled in many different areas. The ‘bot could potentially be dangerous because it is not created to see during the daytime.

Other videos have been seen of the robot last year in Russia. These videos included images of the robot getting into driver’s seats of cars. The robot can be seen chucking wood. The robot can also be seen low crawling just as human soldiers do. Scientists are


working to perfect the skillsets of Fedor.



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