Unit 10

Now that we are at the end of the semester of course my opinion on the course has changed and my opinion on blogging has blossomed into something beautiful. When I first started this blog I’ll admit that I didn’t really like it too much only because it was super new for me. I was still excited to be writing more. I can see that my writing skills have grown, which I love. I love to blog now. I actually am looking to expand my blog and maybe start a professional blog after I graduate this class or maybe I graduate from Bloom.

My opinion on the class has changed as well. This semester having this class and doing the work was something I looked forward to doing each new week. It was exciting to see what new topics I would be learning for that week. I liked how organized the course was too. Knowing what was expected of me made it less overwhelming. Doing each assignment one at a time and watching the check-mark appear once it was finished was something that helped take the edge off as well. I would recommend this class to other mass communications majors if they would like to take it for fun. Usually online classes are a bit more overwhelming with the work load but this class was well organized and that was something that helped me a lot.

One topic that I liked learning about was Advertisements and how the advertisers work hard to catch your attention. A topic that I did not like too much was of course the sports topic. That is because I am not really interested in sports so this was a little bit more boring for me. I do appreciate how everything that was taught had enough information to really teach me new stuff every time.


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