Digital News Analysis

I have read two different articles from two different sources. Both of these articles did not cover the same topics. The first article that I have read, covers issues about the first African American woman to serve as a judge in New York City. The article covers issues about her death that recently occurred this past Wednesday on April, 12, 2017. The second article covers issues about Donald Trump and how when he first began running for office, he had a bunch of different issues that he felt America needed to address. The article covers the changes and what has yet to come.

What I liked about the first article was how the writers addressed Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s title in a professional way. The writers did not use what the media typically goes to, by maybe bringing up troubling issue(s) from her past. The writers addressed her very humbly. I also like how the writers spoke about her accomplishments and how everyone who had ever came into contact with her had a very pleasant experience. Her death came as a shock to most people because they never took her as someone who would take their own life. The issue is very puzzling and the forensics team is working to figure out the cause of Abdus-Salaam’s death.

What I liked about the second article was the headline sentence. It was intriguing for me because it was a subtle way of getting a big message across. The headline read, “Trump sheds nationalist coat, Bannon wing chastened.” The article proceeds to speak on the different issues that Trump is sifting through. Things that got Trump to his victory while running for president of the United States, he is working towards achieving these things one by one. Some issues he has changed his opinion on, such as saying that, “China is our #1 currency manipulator.” It was also said that Trump’s strategists Steven Bannon is losing his authority and soon Trump will be fully making decisions without him.

The articles take advantage of digital storytelling by using different pictures and quotes from interviews. What I don’t like is that the first article did not have a whole lot of information and the second article had a lot of unnecessary information. What I can learn from these examples is how to better myself as a writer/storyteller. I would like to emulate the use of better diction in my writing, that is always something I strive towards.



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