Wing Madness

BU now hosted their 1st Wing Madness Event

Wing Madness was hosted for the first time ever on Friday, March 24, 2017. Last year the BU now hosted a similar event but instead of wings, it was pizza. The Public Relations section of the club, hosted the Wing Madness event. First the team explored the different options the Bloomsburg area had to offer as far as purchasing the wings. This was for the bracket. Students were encouraged to vote on which place they thought would win the contest and this gave them the chance to win a one-hundred-dollar gift card. Some of these places were kind enough to donate the wings while others were not as friendly and the club had to purchase those wings.

Image-1 (1)
The Judges


Volunteers were used as the judges. Initially, there were allotted 7 spaces for judges but the final event, only had 5 judges. There were several sets of rounds. During these rounds, the judges were to eat one of each wing that was partnered against each other in the bracket. The judges had no clue from which place the wings came from. After rounds and rounds of comparing wings, the judges finally came to the last round. The final results were that Quaker-Steak & Lube won the contest. This came as a surprise because most of the popular wing places in Bloomsburg were losing against some of the basic pizza shop wings.

Miranda Crouse, BU now’s Public Relations Director, shared her thoughts on how the event went for her.

Here is what she had to say, “It was fun, stressful, and an amazing learning experience. I really enjoyed doing wing madness especially looking back on it now. I had to communicate with many different people to get this event going. Darian, Sammie, and I had to call many different wing places sometimes calling the same place multiple times. All of our stress levels were so high trying to figure out what to do! We were a week away from wing madness and a ton of people had already filled out the bracket, what if enough people don’t fill out the brackets? So our plan was to change the date, giving us 3 more weeks to get 4 more places and make this event even better than before! With planning, we had a few hiccups. 2 places said no so we had to be creative. That’s when we decided to do Giant wings and TGIF boxed wings. It worked out though! The day of wing madness was so stressful! There is only 3 of us and there was so much to do in such a short amount of time. Once we started things we’re going great! People were having fun, the wings were great and this event that the 3 of us planned was a success. The best part about wing madness was that together Darian, Sammie, and I planned this event and it went so well, it was such a great feeling!”  

Image-1 (2)
One VS. The Other


A donation platter from Frank’s




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