During my experience so far in this online journalism class, I have learned a lot of different things. One of the very first things that we have been taught is that writing online is very different than for one to write as a traditional online journalist. Writing online is far more lenient. Basically anyone has the freedom in America at least, to write freely online. One source of writing freely online is by creating blog posts. WordPress is a very popular site where people are free to create blog posts. Here they are free to write whatever they please and as many times as one would like. Some people use this site for free while some people may pay for more advantages. A lot of people also usually social media accounts such as twitter to share messages.Traditional journalism is not as lenient. There are more rules that need to be followed in order for the journalist to get the appropriate message to the correct audience.

There are headlines and then there are subhead lines. Headlines are usually on the shorter side. Usually between one to five words in length. Headlines usually do not get much into depth about a topic. Headlines usually take on a certain style. That style is usually not to give away the more important issues of the article(s).At first I was confused about the difference between the two. However, believe it or not, Subheads can actually be longer than a headline. The style is different than for headlines. This is only because subheads can give more details. Subheads are set up so that the reader(s) can determine what the story/article is going to be about.

For example here is my own personal heading; Students Get Ready For Spring Break

Here is an example of my own personal subhead; Bloomsburg Students are Preparing for Spring Break Next Week.  



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  1. Online journalism is different from traditional journalism in terms of content formats and delivery methods, but both are the same in terms of conveying newsworthy issues to the public.


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