Unit 4: Media Literacy

What is media literacy? To me, I interpret Media Literacy as a person’s ability to understand media messages. According to our textbook, Media Literacy is, “A set of perspectives that we actively use to expose ourselves to the mass media to process and interpret the meaning of the messages we encounter.” (Media Literacy, Eighth Edition, W. James Potter, pg. 24) Media literacy is not limited, a message can not only be delivered through print messages but messages can also be delivered through plots on TV shows and movies. Media also includes sharing messages through emails as well. There are three parts to media literacy, these include; Skills, Knowledge Structures and Personal Locus. Without all three, media literacy fails to exist. 69-beauty-ads.jpg

The United States use of media literacy compared to other places around the world is very different but there are some similarities. I know that there are a lot of Spanish soap operas. Close family members are familiar with them. In these shows, the media grabs their audiences’ attention by creating interesting plots that people can follow. This is true for the United States as well because they too have soap operas with interesting plots that wide audiences follow.

The United States differs because our country has a lot of freedom to have free social media websites. These sites allow people to voice their opinions on a ton of different issues. In places like China. They are closely monitored by their government. They aren’t given nearly the amount of freedom that we are. Through these websites, we are able to interpret messages. Advertisers actually use a lot of targeting through ads and these ads pop up on a lot of different social media pages. People who are closely monitored by their government, miss out on a lot of advertisements because they don’t have the option of being on social media websites.



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