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Blog Reflection

The most challenging thing I have experienced with WordPress would have to be getting used to the different settings. This is all new for me. I have never experienced writing blogs until my Emergent Media class this semester. I feel a little pressure as well because there are a bunch of students who have had a blog for quite some time now. I feel as though I need to step my game up.

The easiest part for me is writing. I love to write. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions that I like to share so it’s easy for me to talk.

The part that is the most fun for is seeing everything come together. I am constantly learning new things about how to create a blog and what goes into having a successful blog. I am interested so that keeps me excited to grow as a new blogger.

I do have a question, how do I get my profile picture to appear? I went through Gravatar and I can see it perfectly fine on the website but once I get back to WordPress, I can not see it.


I feel as though I am very passionate about being an Aquarius. We are very unique.



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