Unit 2: Thoughts on the Course

Now in my junior year, after taking a few classes and declaring my major, here I am in the Emergent Media Course. At first, Emergent Media to me sounded a little bit intimidating. It sounded very fancy. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Now that I have started the course, I realize that it is not intimidating at all. The course so far has been very informative. Since everything that we are learning, is relevant to my life and to the lives of others, it makes it so much easier to focus. I find myself genuinely enjoying completing each assignment. In Emergent media, we have learned that media literacy has different ways of influencing everyone individually. The world is big yet so small. There is a ton of different information out there. Emergent media has taught me that our world is saturated with information. However, we are limited to what our brains can retain. We are all humans. There are different ways in which we can receive this knowledge as well.Technology has had a huge impact on the ways in which most of us get our information. Depending on who you are can say a lot about just how exposed you truly are. Just in the United States alone, people spend an average of 15 hours a day on media sites. These numbers continue to expand and rapidly! Through multi-tasking we can learn many different things from music, TV, radio and internet. In the United States we have more access to different media sources because of what we are surrounded by in our environment. Other things that greatly influence the way we retain information is through our family, friends, institutions, and society. Personally, I love the course. I love that I can learn new things and understand them.



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