Unit 2: Thoughts on Blogging

My thoughts on Blogs. I always wanted to create a blog. However, I never actually knew how to. I had no clue that WordPress existed and that I could create a blog for free! I am excited about this because in college, who doesn’t love the idea of something being free. I still feel like I don’t have a tight grip on the whole blogging thing. I really wish I did though because I feel like blogging is another form of expressing yourself. I never knew just how much work went into creating a blog. I always wanted to create a blog because a blog can be about anything you want it to be about. It can become very personal.

            I always wanted to create a blog in-order to connect with others. I feel like blogging can be a way in which I vent. I can use this blog to express my opinions about some of the issues and things we will learn about during the course of this semester. I like blogging because it is another way in which one can increase their writing skills. During this course, we will be forced to write, and write, and of write some more. Every time you create another post is another chance for you to continue to grow as a writer. I love to write. I always like to see what other people have to say about an issue. For me, it’s like reading stories. Every time you open a book, you expand your vocabulary. Seeing other peoples’ style of writing I feel, can help me find my own. I like the idea of blogging a lot. It isn’t easy but it gets easier and I am willing to accept the challenge of creating different interesting blog posts each time I start a new one.



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